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Join the Movement & Help Portland Psychedelic Society Pioneer The Future Of Psychedelic Advocacy

Updated: Feb 2

Psilocybe Cubensis mushrooms growing in the wild, in a grass field. Their veils have broken and they're ready to harvest.

Welcome to Portland Psychedelic Society's Blog! I'm Derek, the new Marketing Director for PPS, and the architect behind this latest addition to our website. It's my privilege to author the inaugural post and give you an insight into our world at PPS.

Lately, psychedelics have been garnering significant attention in the media, covering topics like microdosing, macrodosing, psychedelic integration, therapeutic applications, spiritual exploration, and even recreational use. The growing body of research is revealing their potential in terms of efficacy and safety, drawing interest from a diverse range of individuals, from military veterans to public figures.

Capsules of mushrooms ready for microdosing on the right side of a white background, with dry liberty caps that are ready to be eaten for a macrodose.

We're approaching a critical juncture in how society perceives psychedelics. Despite the positive momentum, many people remain uninformed about their potential, and there's still resistance among policymakers regarding their accessibility. PPS aims to be at the forefront of changing this narrative, educating the public on the benefits of psychedelics, and advocating for responsible adult access to these substances.

However, this endeavor requires significant effort. Our objectives include mobilizing volunteers, building alliances, educating the public, fundraising, and yes, ensuring the process is engaging and rewarding. This is your opportunity to get involved. If you're interested in psychedelics, join us at one of our Meetup events and meet others who share your interest. If you find value in our activities and wish to contribute more, let your group moderator know. We're currently seeking support in areas like social media, graphic design, event management, content creation, and more. Joining our community not only enriches your experience but also helps to demonstrate the constructive role psychedelics can play in society.

To sum it up, Portland Psychedelic Society is at a dynamic crossroads, and your involvement can significantly impact our journey forward. By joining us, whether through attending events, volunteering, donating, or simply engaging with our content on Instagram and Facebook, you become part of a movement that's reshaping perceptions and advocating for the thoughtful use of psychedelics. We encourage you to take that step, connect with our community, and be a part of this transformative journey. Together, we can broaden understanding, foster acceptance, and pave the way for a future where the potential of psychedelics is fully realized and responsibly embraced. Join us at PPS, and let's make a meaningful difference!

Derek Boyd

Marketing Director

Portland Psychedelic Society

The Portland Psychedelic Society logo, an eye with the flower of life patern inside of a dialated pupil, with a stylized, geometric, rainbow lotus flower in place of the lashes

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