Evan Segura


Evan Segura is our current president and has been volunteering with our organization for over 2 years. Evan works with foster youth in Portland and is also the co-founder of the House of Jah'siri Mushroom Church. He has been working with psychedelic medicines for over a decade and is passionate about expanding access to the healing they provide.

Evan is the current Volunteer Coordinator and Board Member of the Portland Psychedelic Society (PPS).   He has been working with PPS for the past year assisting with the launching, organizing and hosting of discussion groups and presentations.  In addition, he has been teaching classes on mycology and mushroom cultivation.

His vast experience in social awareness and service began in Chicago by organizing volunteers for a winter coat drive.  As part of an Intentional Community in Colorado, he was appointed to organize international volunteers and assist with the delegation of tasks for keeping the center running.  He taught English in Asia and with a team of volunteers, created a curriculum for all the children in the village in which they were working.  

With his first psychedelic experience, he relates that he did not really comprehend the transformation that was occurring.  He now realizes that first experience, and subsequent experiences, have guided him to a place of peace and understanding of the world, for which he is grateful.  He now uses psychedelics as a tool to help keep himself on the enlightened path.  As a counselor at a group foster home for troubled youth, he absorbs a lot of trauma on a daily basis as part of his work.  Mushrooms are a powerful tool that he feels helps release a lot of what he takes in and keeps him happy, playful and silly.  He is part of the Society because he passionately believes in the importance of educating the community in the value of psychedelics.