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PPS Symposium 2022 Livestream

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2022 Symposium! The livestream recording of the event is available below in two parts. For chapters, watch on YouTube.

Day 1 Recording

Day 2 Recording

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  Livestream Schedule  

Day 1 - June 25th

Day 2 - June 26th



Laura Riley, LPC

Laura Riley, Licensed Professional Counselor has been practicing over 12 years in community mental health and private practice. Laura’s approach is somatic-relationship centered. She supports her clients with developmental, sexual and intergenerational trauma, intimacy, and holistic embodiment. She offers ketamine-assisted psychotherapy for individuals and groups and facilitates dance-movement and trauma-informed psychedelic integration groups. She is the founder of the Portland Integration Network. She has completed the MAPS and Polaris training for MDMA and ketamine-assisted psychotherapy.

Avery Deane le'Swift

Avery Deane Swift (they/them) is a champion of embodiment, erotic liberation, and transformational healing. They work with individuals, partners/ polycules, groups, and organizations to Align, Integrate, and Expand into their full potential. In addition to their embodiment and erotic education licenses, Avery Deane is certified in a number of different energy, healing, and somatic methodologies, and part of their work includes holding sacred ceremonial healing spaces. They also served for two years as the executive director of SexPositive Portland (, a 501(c)7 non-profit organization committed to changing the world through inclusive sex-positive community and education, where they taught classes weekly on topics such as consent, boundaries, communication, and erotic education.

Hanifa Nayo Washington, Co-Founder Fireside Project

Hanifa Nayo Washington is a social entrepreneur, cultural producer, and healing justice practitioner with 20 years in nonprofit leadership. Hanifa works at the intersection of mindfulness, place making, and social justice to create organizations, gatherings, spaces, and experiences rooted in the values of beloved community.

Hanifa is the Co-founder and Chief of Strategy at Fireside Project a nonprofit that is creating systemic change in the field of psychedelics in three key domains: safety, equity, research. Through their Psychedelic Peer Support Line, Fireside Project has created a nationwide safety net that has substantially decreased 911 calls and hospitalizations while democratizing access to free high-quality care during and after psychedelic experiences. The line has supported over 3,200 callers since launching in April of 2021.

Hanifa is also the Co-founder of One Village Healing; is an advisor of East Forest’s Journey Space; and has been appointed as a Founding Member of the Global Wellness Institute Psychedelics & Healing Initiative.

Gabe Kates-Shaw, Rhizome

Gabe (he/him/his) has been working with psychoactive drugs in various capacities for five years. He started his journey with this medicine as a psychedelic enthusiast and amateur mycologist, and began co-facilitating sessions in 2019. He studied psychoanalysis and philosophy during his undergraduate years at Bennington, and worked closely alongside the non-verbal autistic community for seven years, starting in Manhattan and ending at Harvard. He continues to work closely with mushrooms and other psychoactive compounds as both a mycologist/chemist and a facilitator, and is a co-founder of the Rhizome, a community healing center in NE Portland.

Dr. Pilar Hernández-Wolfe, Ph.D., LMFT, LPC

Dr. Pilar Hernández-Wolfe is Professor in the Marriage, Couple and Family Therapy Program at Lewis and Clark College and she has a private practice in Portland, Oregon. She is guest faculty at the Universidad Javeriana, Cali, Colombia. Her work is widely published in numerous family therapy and psychology journals. She is the author of “A Borderlands’ view of Latinos, Latin Americans and Decolonization. Rethinking Mental Health,” and “La resiliencia vicaria en las relaciones de ayuda.” She is a lead educator in the psilocybin assisted facilitator training at Earth Medicine Center (

Dr. Alissa Bazinet, Ph.D.

Alissa Bazinet, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist and researcher in Portland, OR. She is a co-founder of the Sequoia Center nonprofit, which offers low-cost, sliding scale psychedelic-assisted therapies for individuals from historically underserved populations, as well as community education and research. She serves on the training subcommittee of the Oregon Psilocybin Advisory board and as a core advisor to the Plant Medicine Healing Alliance. She is passionate about bringing safe and accessible psychedelic healing to as many people in need as possible, by supporting ethical use across a wide spectrum of settings.

Talyce Ketura, Full Spectrum Doula

Occupying Multnomah & Chinook land, Talyce Ketura (they/she) is the founder of Ancestral Seed Healing, a multi-faceted platform that embodies holistic, radical community care. They are a queer, gender- fluid mixed Afro-Carribean fem who serves as a full- spectrum birth worker, community activist, herbalist and ritualist who is dedicated to sharing tools for embodied ancestral healing through the use of ritual arts and somatic integration. Talyce is a community builder who aims to generate social equity through a lense of active decolonization and with a centralized focus on intergenerational ancestral healing. Much of their work over the last several years has centered racial and gender equity both within providing gestational care and access to plant medicine via mutual aid and ritual. They also create affinity spaces for QTBIPOC at gatherings and events as well as serve as an educator for racial & reproductive justice. They believe that access to healing traditions and birthwork are political and not separate from issues around race, gender, class, ability etc.

Simon Yugler, MA, LPC-A

With a masters in depth counseling psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute, Simon is a psychedelic therapist, writer, and educator based in Portland, OR. Working with Jungian psychology, Internal Family Systems therapy, and mythology, Simon also draws on years of experience learning from indigenous cultures around the world. He has a background in anthropology and experiential education, and has led international journeys for young adults across 10 countries. He currently works as a retreat leader and therapist with MycoMeditations, one of the world’s leading legal psilocybin- assisted therapy retreats, based in Jamaica, and as a curriculum advisor for Alma Institute, a psychedelic training and mentorship non-profit based in Oregon.



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