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Portland Psychedelic Society presents the 2024 Portland Psychedelic Symposium

Sponsored by                                       

October 5-6th at The Melody Event Center in Portland, Oregon.

The Symposium includes an online program on Friday, October 4th, with several exciting speakers.

Saturday evening's Afterglow dance party at JaJa PDX will shift the energy from the mind to the body – so bring your

dance shoes and the will to groove!


The theme of this year’s symposium is Illuminating Visions

PPS and the psychedelic community explore the wild frontiers and exciting possibilities that beckon to us from the future.  This Symposium will look beyond scientific studies and the regulatory frameworks to explore the healing and spiritual potentials of these medicines, and bring into focus the vast potential of psychedelics to transform our culture into one of greater empathy and connection.


Speakers & Agenda to be announced

Tickets on sale August 1st!

Please join us to muse on the questions:

What might a beautiful psychedelic future look like for humanity? What do spiritual wisdom traditions from humanity’s past and present have to say about these powerful substances? How can we hold a genuine center of hope in the complex and polarized world that we live in? What are the implications of the global cultural transformation that the psychedelic renaissance is portending?


We are calling on visionaries in the psychedelic movement

to weave their inspiring, beautiful thoughts, dreams, expertise, and ponderings into a three-day conference experience like no other. Our intention is set: to inspire hope, highlight beauty and wonder, and guide curious explorers to deeper dimensions of understanding.

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Be a Symposium Sponsor!

PPS is currently seeking sponsors for the Symposium with a tiered sponsorship program. This is a great opportunity to show your support for Oregon’s psychedelic community and get your name in front of a wide audience as we ramp up our event promotions.


If you would like to be a Symposium sponsor, please email us to discuss what sponsorship level would best fit your budget.

Be a Volunteer!

PPS is seeking volunteers to help bring the Symposium to fruition! Volunteering with PPS is great way to build community and friendships. It’s also a great way to build connections in the psychedelic community, and be a part of the burgeoning Psychedelic Renaissance!


Check out our Volunteer Job Board to see which opportunities fit your time and interests.

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