Sarie Bettineski

Events Coordinator Chair

Sarie is a multi-disciplined visual artist and storyteller. Sarie has been painting for over 20 years, and is currently a student at PNCA & PCC, finishing up her BFA in Fine Art, minor in Creative Writing and minor in Art History. Her medium of choice depends on the content tackled. The context behind all works created are heavily influenced by personal experience, trauma and healing, along with a deeper reflection of how she views herself in the environment she shares. 

Sarie is a board member of the Portland Psychedelic Society, and writes for a social justice artist run zine Pigments, where she writes and shares works created on the current inequalities in our culture and society. She is passionate about sharing her story, education and lifting others up with the empowerment of freedom of speech. She is an advocate and ally through her platforms, and makes it her mission to change the world through community involvement, art and raising her voice.