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Hi All!

My name is Cailie and I'm so excited to be a part of the PPS community! Currently, I'm a student at PSU getting a degree in psychology with hopes to get a PsyD in clinical psychology. My end-goal is to become a trauma-informed psychotherapist who specializes in psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy. I believe psychedelics can change the world. Whether it be the individual navigating their healing journey, or through the collective conscious, positively changing how we interact with one another and the planet. I believe that those who have been practicing with psychedelics and plant medicines, long before the modernization and (soon to be) capitalization of psychedelics within western society, should and need to be honored and at the forefront of the of the psychedelic "re-emergence" taking place today. I would love to get to know everyone and chat about our passions pertaining to psychedelics and the community being built with PPS. Talk to ya soon!

Be Groovy!



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