Peggy Parks

Board Member

Peggy is Member-at-Large on the Board of the Portland Psychedelic Society (PPS).  She is a transplanted California native and received her undergraduate degree from UC Berkeley in literature, followed shortly by a Masters in Business.  She established and operated her own photography business for decades until retiring and moving to Oregon. 

Peggy had her first psychedelic experience in college and felt that it was one of her most profound life experiences and it has continued to resonate in a positive way.  The experience was a spiritual revelation, the interconnectedness of the universe that she was a part of and that was part of her was revealed. 


After moving to Portland and discovering PPS  - and with the realization that so many other people had similar experiences with psychedelics and also the realization of the deceit in the decades of misinformation promulgated by the government, Peggy began to explore psychedelics once again through microdosing.  In particular, she is interested how psychedelics may influence and facilitate creativity and she is Co-facilitator of the ongoing Creativity and Psychedelics PPS meetings.  

Peggy’s personal mission is to bring more love, joy and play into the world in creative and imaginative ways.   She believes that the conscious use of psychedelics can help create a more compassionate and joyful world through an appreciation of the unity and interconnectedness of all things.