Nathan Cooper

Art Director

Nathan is Art Director and Board member for the Portland Psychedelic Society.  He has a degree in computer engineering and animation and has worked in a number of varied industries, currently a product designer in healthcare technology.  His current interests extend to creative hobbies such as his own art, graphics and game design; mixed martial arts.  He is also drawn to the focus and mindfulness of jui-jitsu and yoga.

Nathan has autism and was diagnosed with Complex PTSD from childhood.  He feels that psychedelics have changed his life and art in profound ways.  From LSD he has learned to appreciate himself and, for the first time, experience significant reductions in persistent anxiety and depressive thoughts.  MDMA has helped him to accept and move beyond some early childhood traumatic experiences.  Psilocybin has revealed a connection that binds us all and his DMT experience flooded him with creative inspiration, unlocking visions and the ability to create art.

As the Art Director and designer for PPS Nathan he hopes to raise awareness for our organization and be an advocate for psychedelics for both healing and exploring the nature of consciousness.  As someone with autism, Nathan is sharing his experience and helping to increase awareness for others who may find psychedelic experiences beneficial for them.