Kayci Marie Mitchell


Kayci is President and Board Member of the Portland Psychedelic Society.  

She is a certified transformational life coach with years of experience in helping individuals transcend a wide range of negative states.  She has over 37 years in the field of addiction recovery.   She is a certified transformational life coach with the Being True To You addiction recovery and psychedelic integration coaching organization, certified Mastermind group facilitator with Fired Up for Success, a licensed massage therapist, Reiki master, nutrition consultant, and certified in numerous other healing modalities.  In addition, she has been a consultant for numerous detox treatment clinics and aftercare centers.   

Kayci became aware of treatment models integrating psychedelics 7 years ago and began to see the expanded options that people had for treatment and the amazing recovery results for individuals.  She was introduced to the sacred plant medicine Ibogaine being utilized for addiction treatment at a center in Mexico.  She began working with numerous Ibogaine treatment clinics and aftercare facilities.  This expanded into a knowledge and use of a variety of sacred plant medicines for personal and spiritual growth as well as addiction recovery treatment.  

Kayci integrates those treatment and growth options into how she educates and coaches people on transformation.  As part of this process, Kayci became active with the Portland Psychedelic Society several years ago, speaking and facilitating integration circles and workshops.  When she relocated to the Portland area, she was asked to be part of the PPS Board and stepped up to the President role when it opened.  She is committed to forging a solid foundation for PPS and sees the importance of unity and stability on the Board, in addition to an expanding