Joe Eaton

Professional Chair

Joe is the Professional Chair and Board Member of the Portland Psychedelic Society (PPS).  He joined the  Board over a year ago and facilitates both the Elders and the Professionals and Psychedelics groups.   In addition, he co-facilitates the new micro-dosing discussion group.

His career in the mental health arena started in 1966 with his first job as a Psychiatric Technician at St. Vincent's Hospital in NYC.  With a degree in Psychology and his first LSD experience behind him, he felt his career choice was obvious and began work as a psychedelic therapist and researcher.   After receiving his Masters in Counseling from U of O he worked at White Bird Clinic for several years doing harm reduction at Grateful Dead and other rock concerts. He worked 8 years in three different Psychiatric Hospitals, 10 years as case manager at Lane County Mental Health and 17 years in a psychiatric urgent walk-in clinic in Portland.

Upon retirement amid the recent resurgence of psychedelic research, Joe decided to work assisting people with their decision to explore psychedelic realities.  He is profoundly grateful to have lived long enough to be part of this amazing revitalization in the psychedelic revolution.  

He believes that we have a powerful PPS board that is supporting and creating a community; sharing real information, discovering truths, supporting researchers and education, helping those who want to use psychedelics to explore the nature of God and supporting those who are curing themselves of debilitating mental and physical conditions.  Joe is a willing leader to provide facts and wisdom in the wonderful chaos of our profound journey together and he wisely advises us:  ‘Don't forget to dance.’