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Amiga Hard Disk Image Download [BEST]

1) the zip preparation is done as a first step with a progress bar which then redirects to the second step which downloads. As the download is in a second http request it would need to copy the zip into shared disk and then clean it up

Amiga Hard Disk Image Download

If anyone still wants it in the mean time then you redo step 1 synchronously, and when it is done it would also de-queue the ad hoc task as it isn't needed any more. Most assignment files will not compress well because they are already compressed, so if this gets implemented maybe it could be behind a setting as it is trading off disk space vs download and generation time. If this setting is on then it would NOT need to cleanup the files in step 1, but we may want to clean up old zip files from old assignments so reduce disk.

I just got a game, and am finding it hard to run on a Vista machine. I spent an hour (almost) installing it, and now the disk won't fire up and play the game. The box says it is compatible with Vista, but I have checked the processor, and it says I need 'PIV 2.8GHz', whereas I have only 1.73GHz. Could this be the problem? It also talks about a graphics card I need, and that "integrated/onboard graphics chipsets and laptops are not supported." I am using a laptop. Does this mean I am wasting my time trying to get it to work? any help, much appreciated.--ChokinBako (talk) 20:01, 28 December 2007 (UTC)Reply[reply] 076b4e4f54


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