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Cinderella 3 A Twist In Time Full Movie Download Torrent

The original is a timeless and inspiring Disney classic, with beautiful animation and songs, though I will admit it is not my favourite Disney movie. The second Cinderella was cute, but lacked originality and seemed lacklustre in quality. I watched this worried that it would be worse than Cinderella 2, which I still think is one of the weaker Disney sequels, and guess what? It was a huge improvement over the second in all departments. The animation is colourful and fluid, and on the whole beautifully done, with some very memorable scenes. And I really liked the music, true it isn't like the beautiful Tchaikovsky-inspired melodies of the original, but it is memorable and a notable improvement over the awful contemporary songs in Cinderella 2 that felt uninspired and rushed. I wish the mice had more screen time though, they were so cute in this one. The story is very clever and beautifully constructed, the writing is excellent, there are some inspired life lessons that don't preach, and the voice acting from all involved especially from Tress McNeille and Jennifer Hale is fantastic. And Lady Tremaine is a real villainess here. The film however is too short, there could have been more of the secondary characters like the King and the Duke and one or two scenes felt rushed. On the whole though, it is an above average and perfectly watchable movie, almost as good as the original, and a vast improvement over the second. 7/10 Bethany Cox

cinderella 3 a twist in time full movie download torrent

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