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March 28, 2023

Doors 6:30pm | Event 7pm | $5-25
More Info: Get Tickets Here

Clinton Street Theater
2522 SE Clinton St., Portland

Psychedelics are having a major moment right now. Some even call it a Psychedelic Renaissance, and Oregon is leading the way as the first state to legalize psilocybin services.

Curious about the psychedelic buzz, but don’t know where to start?

Portland Psychedelic Society is hosting an evening of presentations, panel-style discussion, and audience Q&A with local experts to break down the psychedelic basics. You will walk away with an understanding of the psychedelic fundamentals, additional resources for further psychedelic exploration, and ways to stay plugged in to the psychedelic community.

Perceptions of psychedelics are shifting as research continues to show their efficacy for improving mental health and facilitating healing and personal growth. The increase in public acceptance is especially true in Oregon, where we are treading uncharted territory with the passage of Measure 109, and psilocybin services launching in 2023. And while perceptions are shifting, the stigmas still linger. What is true and what is myth? 

This event aims to demystify the world of psychedelics, and to provide an educational platform and community resource center for those who are newer to the psychedelic space.

Meet our Hosts and Speakers

Speakers - Allison.png



PPS Volunteer Coordinator


Speakers - Max.png



PPS President


Speakers - Alyssa.png

Alyssa Gursky

MA, LPC-I, Research Assistant and Therapist at Sequoia Center

Harm Reduction




MS, Integrative Biobehavioral Researcher


Brain Science 101



Co-Founder of The Rhizome


History & Policy

PPS-DP Speakers.jpg

Kaycie Marie Mitchell

Founder of Into The Looking Glass

Intro to Psychedelics and Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness

More about our Speakers

Aaron Eisen, MS, Integrative Biobehavioral Researcher

Aaron Eisen is an integrative biobehavioral researcher who is the Director of the Portland Psychedelic Society Research Group. He is currently receiving doctoral training and is working to advance the field of psychedelic science through collaboration with other health-related disciplines.

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