Donna Loeffler


Donna joined PPS in 2020 as a board member, concentrating on event  production, and connecting with people and organizations within the psychedelic space.  Her role as a volunteer has included cohosting events,  new volunteer contact, furthering the organization of PPS, and engaging on social media.

Before a 20 year career as a Firefighter / EMT with the San Francisco Fire Department, Donna worked as a commercial photographer in several San Francisco studios and on location across the U.S.  She has crossed the country more than once, visited Europe and South America working on her personal photographic interests, which vary from street scenes to wilderness outings.

She is currently completing courses in somatic work, which include psychedelic integration, preparation, and the safe use of compounds that bring about expanded states.  She also volunteers with another organization that facilitates bringing psychedelic medicines to traumatized veterans.  “I’m so grateful to the pioneers, political advocates and organizations, like the Portland Psychedelic Society, those who, through sacrifice, education and research have helped to reintroduce and legalize these medicines for widespread use.”