Wild Mushrooms

Our Story

In the summer of 2014, Helen attended the Psychedelic Shamanism group, run by Kara, in Vancouver. In December of 2014 she started a similar group in Portland named for the documentary "Neurons to Nirvana."   

The group grew quickly and with much enthusiasm. The group was renamed PEERS, and Janet created our logo. In 2017 during the MAPS Psychedelic Science 2017 conference in Oakland, PEERS joined the Network of Psychedelic Societies and is now the Portland Psychedelic Society (PPS). PEERS became a 501c3 to support PPS and other education and awareness causes related to the psychedelic science renaissance.

Summer 2018 invited Stamets & McKenna to Portland.
9/20/2018 Stamet @ Newmark raised funds to produce the 2018 Conference.

9/2018 PEERS filed for 501c3 and organized a board.

10/27/2018 Dennis Mckenna, Albert Garcia-Romeu and five local speakers hosted the inaugural conference.

2019 Evan began hosting meetings for PPS.  Leah & Ashvin vision Conference

10/26/2019 was the 2nd Annual Conference at Revolution Hall (Kilindi Iyi, Fadiman, Rachel Harris, & more)

2020 Welcomed Kayci Mitchell as President.  Expanded into Virtual Meetings.
Created Event Staff roles to expand calendar.

We continue to experiment with how to run meetings as attendance grows. We welcome input and participation!